Before you even finally get your hands on Technical SEO Site audit, you need to understand what SEO audit is. Right now, the old SEO tips are not going to cut. Those days are history when keyword stuffing was in, and setting up various pages for different forms of KW variants was a thing. You don’t even have to head for multiple microsites for driving traffic. Ranking and criteria factors have changed quite a lot with passing decade. Only those sites are favored, which are optimized for users and made mobile friendly. Let’s just get into some details by clicking here.

More on search engines:

Multiple search engines are known to have various algorithms, which can crawl through website and compare it with various ranking factors. It helps in denoting relevance and usability. Each one of the page is crawled mostly to figure out whether the site is able to offer some legitimate and useful content. After that, the page is going to receive a rank, which will further help in determining the highest rankings it can get in SERPs for the people, searching through the related keywords. It is all what SEO stands for these days and you have to follow the norms to be right at the top of the competitive list.

When you get audit:

There are multiple times when your website might be broken horribly and that can easily disrupt the current traffic flow to the website. So, you have no other way but to head for the SEO audit, just for the sake of keeping the search engine demands growing. Whenever you are trying to conduct audit, you are planning to check the website and its health. As technology and search algorithms are changing at rapid pace, therefore; you might end up focusing on monthly mini-audits.


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