Many online hosted services are offered to cater to the needs of businesses of all. These services are otherwise known as cloud computing which gives business a chance to use resources over the internet as against building and maintaining their own in-house infrastructures.

In today’s business world, cloud computing plays a significant role. In other words, cloud computing can be described as storing vital information and data in the clouds for maximum protection and security. This way, businesses can keep their data secure. While cloud computing is the primary source of data storage, many businesses still use in-house infrastructures as back up.

Storing data on your hard drive is called local storage. Back in the days, local storage was the primary source of running programs. Fortunately, cloud computing has changed the way things are done. Cloud computing Seattle has made easy the process of sending emails, storing files and streamlining videos online. From large to small companies, they are already using this service.

Types of Cloud Computing Seattle for Business

Cloud computing is of different types – private cloud, hybrid cloud, and public cloud – with each having its own unique features. You can choose the one that best suits your business needs and requirements.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud is ideal for businesses looking to further strengthen their network securities. Some of the companies that require private cloud computing Seattle include IoT companies that track customers through their devices, e-commerce sites that store sensitive information such as credit card, health data company and companies that place much emphasis on data sovereignty. Private cloud offers maximum control and flexibility.

Hybrid Cloud

Most companies looking for more advanced security opt for hybrid cloud computing. More so, hybrid cloud solutions are ideal for companies with workloads that are susceptible to change. This includes enterprises that can split into two spheres – sensitive and non-sensitive.

Hybrid cloud is also perfect for businesses with big data processing, seasonal data spikes, and those requiring solid connection to a network. This type of cloud computing is a combination of both private and public computing.

Public Cloud

Companies that pay less attention to privacy opt for public cloud. This kind of cloud computing has to do with a pay-as-you-go structure and it is usually managed by third-party providers. Some of the industries that use public cloud specifically are one-off big data projects, training servers, development platform, websites with product descriptions etc.


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