Checking With The Individual And The Specific Instagram Activity

You can see a person’s recent instagram posts with the pushing of the home button and then you can scroll through the news feed and see whether a new post is showing up. You are also able to view the actual time when the post was made. There is one more way to see the recent post. This you can by visiting the individual profile. In order to do so you should go to the search bar, and here you can search and explore for the user name. Once you enter the profile you are able to see the most recent posts and these are generally highlighted over the older posts and you can see the posts flashing at the bottom.

Following Instagram Activity in a Private Account

In case of the private account there are various measures you can take to in order to go through the instagram posts of the candidate. This is how to see someones instagram activity and stay cool. In case, the account is private, it implies that only the followers of the specific account can see the post. Thus, in order to go through the shared posts you must make a request to follow, and once the person accepts your request you are able to see all the posts in collection.

Judging the Status of the Posts

When the account is in the open status it becomes easy for you to look at the posts as 1, 2, and 3. You just have to search for the account in the search bar and then go through the posts in details. The most recent posts will be shown on the top part of the account, and the oldest you can see at the bottom. On clicking on the post you will be able to know when the post was shared.

Getting New Posts in the Feed

You may be wondering how to see someones instagram activity. At the time if you start following an account you will automatically get the new posts in the feed. For the reason, you just have to open the app and you should tap on the home icon at the bottom left corner and you should scroll more to see whether you can find the specific posts from the list. If you can’t do so then the reason is they they have not posted anything recently. You should have in mind the Instagram Algorithm and now you can decide what to see in the feed based on the various criteria.