6 Common Mistakes That People Make While Creating A Resume

A resume is a document that represents you in front of the recruiter, so try to make it impressive. Your resume must be draft in a way that leaves a good impact on the recruiter. 

An effective resume can increase your chances of selection for a particular job. If you are making a resume for the first time, you can benefit from https://resumebuild.com, as this is the best platform for resume templates.

There are many common mistakes that almost everyone makes while building an effective resume. So if you also want to make your resume perfect, then you must know about these mistakes and the ways to rectify them:

Format of resume

Your resume will be effective only when it is written in the proper format. The format and presentation of a resume are as important as the information it contains. People sometimes forget to give the proper space between different columns.

The proper format means there must be different sections for academics, achievements, skills, and work experience, and it is also necessary to have proper space in between all the sections. Proper margin at all sides of the resume is also necessary.

Grammatical errors

 It is the most common mistake that people make while making a good resume. A resume is a formal document, so it must be error-free; only then will it become compelling for the recruiter.

To rectify these errors, you can write your resume in the Microsoft word app as an error editing software. Apart from this, you can also use Grammarly as this app will help you rectify all your grammatical errors.

Limited page

A resume is a document that is presented in front of the recruiter. The recruiter doesn’t have enough time to read lengthy resumes.

To rectify this error, while writing a resume, you must always keep in mind to add all the relevant information in short and brief. Ensure your resume must not be more than two pages; otherwise, the recruiter will avoid reading it.

No abbreviations

Abbreviations are short forms that people use while writing. It is also one of the common mistakes while most people make by writing abbreviations in their resumes.

It is strictly advised not to add any abbreviation in your resume because it will make your information unclear and weaken your resume. So for an effective resume, you must not add any abbreviations to it.

Your weakness

Please do not add any weakness in your resume as it weakens your information and always negatively impacts the interviewer. Your resume is a first impression on the interviewer, so always try to make it impressive by focusing on your strength rather than weaknesses.


Finally, these are some of the common mistakes that almost everyone makes while writing their resume. So, you must consider these errors and make your resume error free. You can also check various examples at https://resumebuild.com related to resume templates to make your resume different from others.