Remote Worker Monitoring

It is now easy to manage freelancers working remotely if you have the right tools.  Remote working strategies have made it easier for companies to search for talent across the globe.  It is now easy to tap into freelance pool and get access to a huge group of talent.  It also enables freelancers to work for companies that may otherwise have been inaccessible. One can check out right here for the type of software that can be installed to make the working smoother and easier.

1)    Trello

This is a project management and organization system which is available for free.  It provides great support and great for organizing by using a system for boards and cards.  It aids in tracking the progress of every activity right from the beginning to the finishing stage.

2)    Slack

When it comes to working with freelancers who operate remotely, communicating precisely is of essence. When people work in brick and mortar offices, it is easier to get things done.  But with remote freelancing jobs, every activity takes back in the digital space.  Hence, choosing Slack becomes imperative and of great help as well.

3)    LastPass

There are many freelance work opportunities that require specific access to work platforms that are password protected.  By just providing the password in a mail is not enough for security purposes and this is where softwares like LastPass keep your passwords secure.

4)    Workpuls

Workpuls makes sure that you are able to monitor the work that your freelancers are doing. Many a times, employers want to know if the money they are paying to the freelancers are worth all of it.

This software keeps a track of the work of the freelancers in an effortless manner. Thanks to the screen shared by the employees either periodically or at regular intervals, it is also possible to go for one click screenshots.  Irrespective of the type of time zones you are working in, it is possible to manage remote freelancers.  The relationship with the freelancers becomes more of trust and it is now possible to work stress free.


This cloud based software has an immense storage option where you could share big sized files with clients, business partners and friends. This is quite a workable option for freelancers where they could just drop their files and the employer is also able to pick it up and share their files in return.


Freelancers who are sticklers for time may want to use this software to schedule meetings by sending the unique scheduling link to the employees and vice versa.


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