What are e-commerce sites? It is an electronic site where buying and selling of goods, transaction of money and data takes place. It usually takes place on the internet. E-commerce has gained an exponential growth in the last few years. But nowadays shoppers and customers not only look for products but want a seamless and not too exhaustive shopping or online transaction experience.

Therefore mistakes, in the long run, may cost you your business as well as your customers. But if you have good products but not enough business it may so happen due to the mistakes in your online web portal. Learning from your mistakes helps you in the long run by saving money and time.

Mistakes E-Commerce Sites Should Avoid

  • No Mobile Optimization: In the modern world of new innovations and fast-paced technology every other human being has a smartphone. Mobiles phone users are increasing day by day. Nowadays people usually use mobile phones to search and shop online. A necessity of every e-commerce web development is to have a mobile compatible e-commerce site. Optimizing your site design with screen size and better view is very much important.
  • Retargeting And Power Of Visuals: Online shoppers and visitors do not buy things in just one go. They go from one site to site for better offers and availability of products. This may affect your business. Therefore target customers to return to their abandoned shopping carts by showing them similar products again and again. Visuals play a very important role in attracting potential customers. Therefore if you do not have a proper product description, high-quality product pictures and videos then you are automatically discouraging customers from visiting your site.
  • Not Utilizing Social Media And SEO:  Optimizing your website is very important and necessary. SEO helps you in increasing your sales and having a correct strategy for marketing. Only “keyword search” is not enough. Have a product category, filtering options and an easy way for a simple buying and transaction is necessary. Social Media has a great power when it comes to advertising your online business site. Social Media strategy gives your company that extra boost by reaching out to potential customers through various social media sites.
  • No Customer Support: Sometimes visitors and users leave an e-commerce site because they don’t know where to go with their queries regarding that particular site. Having live chat options, email id and phone numbers help a lot when it comes to providing customer support. It also gives a message that you care about your customer’s challenges and you are there to get it resolved.

Gaining and keeping customer trust is a critical component of a successful ecommerce website. It is important that you do not make these mistakes when it comes to designing your website. Therefore follow these tips and take your e-commerce business to new heights.


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