In the world of inverters, solar power inverters have made great revolutions. This is because they are highly economical and cheap. Solar inverters as the name suggests work on the solar technology to meet the power back up needs of the houses and the commercial properties. Inverters from the best solar inverter manufacturer come with the warranty and guarantee for several years as these are long lasting and reliable. It is available in various capacities so depending upon your power requirements you can choose the best inverter for your property.

Get the clean and economical power back up

The main job of the solar power inverter is to convert flexible DC input of the solar panels into AC output.  This AC output is thus used for operation of various types of home appliances. In the present time, the solar panels are available of higher capacities hence the solar power inverters are able to support the power back up for several hours. There are many people who make effective utilization of solar power inverter for meeting energy needs which helps in cutting down the electricity bills upto more than 20%.

Types of solar power inverters

Microcontrollers are used in the solar inverter which maximize the power output from the DC input of the photovoltaic cells. Microcontroller chips are used for the precise control of the power output so that effective utilization can be done. Solar power inverters are classified into different types on the basis of their capacities and functions. Most common types of solar power inverters include:

  • Off Grid Inverters: Such inverters are used in isolated system. Battery is there to supply the power.  The battery is charged by the solar energy.
  • Battery backup Inverters: This type of inverter gets the power from the batteries inbuilt in the inverter.
  • Grid Tie Inverters: This type of inverter is connected to the grid.  The power is fed into the grid by matching the phase and the frequency of AC
  • Micro Inverters: It converts DC generated from the single power source  to AC.


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