Animation industry is pacing at a top speed where new ideas are evolving and new techniques are emerging setting high standards for each service. This growing need for animation with the advanced evolution makes it necessary for an animator to grow their knowledge and enhance their skills. Completing projects along with learning new techniques make it harder for one to practice or learn. There is a way through which you can easily enhance your knowledge and grab latest ideas without any hassle that is by reading the blog of leading animators.

The world is full of many great experts who feel no shy in sharing their life stores and experiences along with some fruitful tips. Some even share the overview of their successful projects. Such content can help you get a better idea of the market and to stay updated with the latest news in the market. Let’s check out some famous blogs below:

Cartoon Brew

Coming first in the list cartoon brew is a perfect blog to follow if you want to stay tuned to the latest gossips and an unlimited treasure of knowledge. The blog was founded by Jerry Beck back in 2004. It is created to serve readers with latest trends, news, and ideas of leading personalities. Moreover, you can catch up with the latest ins and outs of Disney graphics world. Apart from animation at Cartoon Brew, you can find the latest information relate to upcoming movies and seasons. The site is pretty embellished with lots of colors and graphics.

Animation Physics

Animation Physics is a useful blog that is based on educational resources related to animation. It is a perfect blog for beginners and those who are planning to begin a career. It provides content by Alejandra Garcia that is related to effects animation, basic animation, and character animation. The information related to visual effects is full of rich quality content.  

Deja View

The third blog in our list is Deja View. It is a well-known blog having content based on 3D graphics. Being a leading animator himself he guides his readers about the best tips to practice motion graphics. You will come across many new techniques and methods to become a professional animator.  

Animation World Network

This is one of the largest blog known for having content based on every influential animation group. It is more like a hub of content when it comes to animation. From latest gossips to news and reports, reviews to events and everything in between this site is a massive platform related to animation. Whether you belong to an explainer animation companies or a freelance animator you full find a plethora of information on this site.

Wrapping Up

You may not be able to carry loads of books so why not turn on the notification of these sites. You will get updated just as a new blog will hit the site. A 2-min read or a 5-min read will fill you up with an abundance of information.


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