Whether you are only kicking off your freelancer calling or you’re already a dyed-in-the-wool freelancer, your work environment is essential to note. Some freelancers choose to work in libraries, co-working spaces, coffee shops, or at home. No matter where the place is, what matters the most is how sensible you can carry out your tasks, and how productive you can be.

Many online tools can help make your work more fruitful, but what about your physical tools? Whether freelancing is full-time work for you, or it is only your sideline or pastime. Owning the essential equipment impacts the delivery time and quality of your workflow. Do not trust people who say that useful gadgets and low prices cannot be united because they surely can. 

Before we proceed, it is important to also emphasize security especially on your phone. In the digital world there are threats such as hackers and scammers who might be observing your activity. You will need the best vpn for android to surf websites privately and securely and at the same time remove any geo restrictions you might have previously had.

Of course, some things could make the work from home more comfortable and budget-friendly. And what’s worth – these tools can also help you concentrate and prevent the distractions that your home environment is keeping. Now, take notes because we have a whole batch of ideal gadgets to add to a thrifty freelancer’s desk.

Best Cheap Phablet: Motorola Moto X

Price starts at $249.00

When you’re a one-man team, you need to be very good at doing all the parts for freelancers, which usually includes operating each part of your business on the move. Needless to say, when your phablet is the main character for all these overlapping tasks, choosing the right one for you is very important. 

For your needs, Motorola Moto X is an excellent all-rounder as it functions well in most parts related to phablets. So, if you’re not peculiar about specific features, this does the job. You may even be impressed by various features that highlight how far technology has come today. And what’s best is that you don’t need to pay a hefty price tag for it.

Thanks to Motorola Moto X, you can command features of your phone using your voice, and it will even ascertain when you’re in a situation where it shouldn’t operate on your commands. You will also love that its camera is activated by only flicking your wrist. With no complicated processes, you won’t miss capturing every special moment anymore.

Thanks to its 2300mAh battery, you can look forward to a whole day’s battery life (and entire day’s worth of working) while using a mix of its functions.

Portable Laptop Stand: Nexstand Laptop Stand

Price starts at $26.00

If you ever had shoulder or neck aches after working on your laptop for many hours, a portable laptop stand from Nexstand is a must for you. 

While not everybody works only with laptops (because a phablet will do), those who do usually are sitting in wrong positions. That position triggers strains on your shoulders and neck, so it is essential to keep your screen in an appropriate height. 

Try setting it at your eye level as you sit straight with the portable laptop stand from Nexstand. This ideal gadget lets you set your computer in a good comfortable position, which will be favorable to your health.

LED Table Lamp: TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

Price starts at $28.00

If you are working hard, you’re likely to devote a lot of your time to it. While some freelancers are night owls and the rest are morning birds, it’s inescapable – all of them work during the night, more or less. 

When working at night, excellent lights like the TaoTronics LED desk lamp are essential. It lessens the strain on your eyes by offering sufficient light. It is always a must-have for the ones who are working late at night, while it transforms into a great decoration in the daytime.

Action Camera: GoPro Hero4 BlackGoPro Hero4 Black

Price starts at $187.00

Everybody loves a GoPro. It’s sexy, it’s cool, and it has its own perfect way of turning even your most boring stunts dignitary of Tony Hawks. And, of course, it takes breathtaking shots

When you’re freelancing, especially in fields like design, media, and technology, self-promotion is essential. But producing a stable stream of great, grasping content for your social media channels and website is a consistent challenge even more so if you need to create it quickly on your own – and a limited budget.

As the best self-shooting gadget, with a few exceptional ideas, a GoPro can help you capture engaging, creative, and stunning images and videos. Plus, it can subsist with just about any treatment or terrain. It is wifi-enabled for quick transfer or upload and is so exciting that you won’t wish to put it down. With the GoPro Hero 4, there are no more reasons for sub-standard content!

Final Thoughts

Do you need a reason to splurge on some splashy yet cheap new tech? How about this: you need it for your job!

As a freelancer, you never literally clock off from your work – and anything that can help your tasks (and your life) run more effectively and smoothly is virtually gold dust. This list of ideal gadgets promises to do just that.


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