Are you planning on monitoring the computer usage of your employees? Well, it might be controversial however statistics show that companies that monitor their employees have reported a huge increase in their productivity.

No doubt, using employee software for successful remote team’s increases productivity by 30% on each employee in a team. So, it means that the larger a team is the bigger your savings. It is not surprising to see that majority of employers are happy to implement a time tracking system for tracking the daily productivity of their employees. 

Monitoring Employees at Their Workplace

Commonly, the necessity for monitoring employees and their computer usage comes from inexplicable and disputable situations. A common example would be when employers notice that their team is often missing the deadlines and that too without any reasons. This is most common when employers and managers can’t find the answers through employee performance reviews. 

  • Boosting Productivity and Motivation

The most common reason why firms use time tracking is for monitoring the productivity of their employees. Well, it is quite understandable when people are wasting their productive time each day. Through time tracking, employers can make sure that each employee is dedicating his or her office hours for work-related tasks and projects (i.e. for the work they are paid for).

  • Planning Resources in An Effective Manner

You need to realize that you can’t improve something unless you measure it. Similarly, you won’t be able to optimize your workflow unless you know how much time and resources are needed for each project. Various studies show that on average huge IT projects go overboard in terms of budget as well as overtime. This is the main reason why one must track their past projects for estimating the future cost and deadlines of their coming projects.

  • Time Tracking Is Necessary for Managing Remote Employees

Recent studies have indicated that by the end of 2023, roughly 70% of employees will be working from home. Also, employee monitoring software for successful remote teams would be used by more than 90% of corporate and businesses. 

Basically, tracking the time and work of employees makes it easy for managing remote workers. Plus, this is very much effective as managers will be able to view the progress of each of the task that is completed and that too without asking for any daily or weekly reports. 

Wrapping Up

Before implementing the employee tracking tool, make your employees know that it is just a tool for management. Keep them informed that such tools will improve their productivity and interest in working.


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