2019 has entered a whole new universe when it comes to searching the internet. Every unique user can now get personalised, location-specific search results. Gone are the days when SEO was a simple art when every keyword had a single global rank. Today, every user seeks a personally tailored search result. So, the inevitable question that arises is how to track ranks reliably and get the most accurate results you are looking for?  Here is how SERP trackers prove valuable.

Geo targeting abilities

With the help of an efficient SERP API, you get the advantage of specific tracking of local ranks which differentiates across various platforms. While these ranks can change according to location of search, it can also use other parameters like the particular platform being used. Search results can vary depending whether user is using desktop or mobile, and even the Operating System being used. Person’s location is accurately pin-pointed and your search results will be generated based on that exact location (and this can change every few miles!). Although this makes SEO more complex than yester years, this high level of geo-targeting is extremely beneficial for internet users as well as websites. SEO spamming also gets discouraged.


Another SERP feature deemed inevitable by SEO experts is accuracy. If you want to know the actual progress about your chosen keywords and performance of websites, you must have access to accurate data regarding changes in ranking. It is also necessary to gather information about how much your strategy impacts your website rankings. Here, SERP API tracker can prove very helpful. While it keeps all tracking data up-to-date and together, accuracy is far more than the manual systems. Proxy servers’ personalisation is specifically avoided, thus SERP trackers give less-biased and more accurate results than the normal search engines. However, if accuracy rates are not published in any SERP tracker’s website, clients should take it as a warning sign.

Clients must get ranking reports

A key factor that determines reliability of SERP Tracking is regular reporting to clients. The reporting has to be scheduled at pre-determined intervals but at the same time, it should be flexible enough to be available in different formats. For instance, if you require ranking reports in PDF format, you might ask the SERP Tracker to provide the same over weekly intervals. Similarly, you might also want to peek into annual reports of previous years for speculation.

Accurate and rapid results hand in hand

Whether you plan to stick to conventional methods or plan to move ahead with faster SERP tracking, one thing you must always remember, faster is better. If you get stuck every time and have to wait for long periods before SERP results are generated, you better re-think. Accuracy at the cost of getting slower is actually of no use since it pulls back your website’s rankings overall.

Conclusively, reliable SERP tracking depends on variable factors which ultimately make or break your rankings. Making use of latest geo-targeted strategy, running down to the smallest details in order to maintain accurate records and working at fast speeds makes its mark.


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