So, you have kicked off and are building new, ambitious business, but you have identified growth boundaries which require capital and cash flow and now you are looking for a way to get funds to develop your young project.

First of all, you need to keep in mind that there is no best way, or secret answer to funding a new business. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages and depends on a large number of factors and contextual issues to gather which is the most suitable for you and your company.

Moreover, a method that worked for one type of business may not work for your business type. Therefore, you should go over the options given below and choose a method based on the industry and scale of your business and the situation which you find yourself in. Also to take into account the mental approach of yourself and ambition which you possess.


If you have set some money aside during the past few years, you can use it for your business if you are happy to invest in yourself and back the journey 100%. Self-financing is a good option as you won’t have to borrow from anyone. On the other hand, if things don’t go as planned, your hard earned money will be gone forever without giving you any return.

If you can’t risk losing your savings, this option may not be suitable for you. But if you have a large amount that you saved, you can invest some of it to test the water and begin the process, organizing the fundamentals before a bigger investment further down the line once things are qualified.

The beauty of self-finance, if you have the funds to do it, is that it aligns with belief in yourself. If you are not prepared to put money into this with it readily available, then why should somebody else do so? Betting on yourself is often the most amazing ingredient for results because you don’t want to let yourself down. It is a personal motivator and you are physically and emotionally involved to the fullest. It builds a natural chemistry and connection with the brand that delivers high-performance.

If you are prepared to sell your pitch to someone to take their money, then why not maximize your overdraft and credit cards and back what you are saying. This is when you will truly find the answers of commitment to this business, or if it’s a bit of a flurry. Taking responsibility is the guarantor.

If you do not have savings, possibly look at building the first stages of your business whilst working other jobs. Ideally a job which aligns with what you are building so you can transition the skills, contacts and knowledge. But if not, it is a capital provider. Work 9-5, then build 6-11pm. This is the formula of graft, hustle and self-financing a business in true entrepreneurial fashion

Bank Credit Cards

Using credit cards to fund your business is another good option, but keep in mind that you will be paying huge sums of interest for several decades because the interest rates on credit card transactions are very high.

However, the upside is that using bank credit cards to fund a business is an easy option as long as you are fine with high interest rates.

If you are looking long-term and need a quick solution, then here it is. Mentally, you need to be strong enough to take the debts on the chin and understand this is the process of achieving a sustainable company for 5, 10, 15, 20 years.

It’s not a quick win, flash in the pan that will make you thousands tomorrow and that is important to recognize.

Friends & Family

If you don’t have enough savings, you can ask your family or friends for money. However, make sure you return the money on time or your relationship with that person may get affected. Plus, if your business fails, they will get upset because they have an emotional attachment with you.

Identifying which family member to partner with is crucial to this. Maybe someone with less money, but is more understanding, will not want too much control. How close you are to them is key. A slightly more distant relative or friend may be easier to cushion the formality of the deal.

Thinking at the worst, ruining a great friendship or bond with your brother or father over money is not a healthy position to be in. It’s all smiles and positive at the start but as the first difficult hurdle arrives, who do you want to have to share that news with, who will understand the business logistics and who will support you the hard times, without bringing return on investment into the equation at every conversation. Think long and hard about this.


You can’t get a bank loan unless you have a good credit record and collateral. So, what you can do is mortgage your home or farm to get a loan. While this can get you a business loan, you will be paying back the loan whether your business becomes a success of failure. Your house or farm can get sold out if you fail to pay back the loan.

It’s a complex set up but works practically going forward and is a nice safety barrier if you feel that is important to have protecting you in a risky start-up venture.

Angel Investors

If you are interested in bringing expertise and partnership to the business to help expand horizons and perspectives, you can look at inviting someone to become an angel investor for your business. They will provide funds for your small business in exchange of a share in the ownership of the venture. You can of course arrange whatever sliding scale works for both parties in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Before you sign an agreement with your angel investor, make sure the terms and conditions of the contract are clear to both of you. This will help you prevent disputes in the end. Make sure the investor fits the glove. What is their motive? Does it add value in alternative areas? Or is it purely financial lift-of and more of a sleeping partner arrangement.

So, these are a few good options for you to get investment for your new venture. All of these options are good and work for small ventures. But make sure you have evaluated all the options before choosing one. The success of your business depends on the capital and if invested after a lot of thinking, your chances of success will go up. Just ensure you have the business plan documented clearly on how you will use any potential funding and why each individual investment into people, marketing, b2b lead generation, web design, facilities or physical product is needed and the impact.

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