Home or business security system is an important aspect when it comes to safety. But, securing your home and business property doesn’t begin with a security system, but rather with you making it difficult for the burglars to enter your property. Though a wide range of security systems is available in the market, it is good to choose your security system from good brand, which is specialized in the field.

Quality brands provideadvanced security systems with an encrypted password to keep hackers away. Are you wondering how security cameras are hacked? Well, the hackers crack the password of your system to get access to the footage. Hacking Hikvision security system is almost impossible as they use end to end encryption to secure their passwords. Regardless of what security system you decide on, there are three basic principles you need to follow. These three principles are often referred to as the three Ds of the security system: Deterrence, Denial, and Detection. Read further to know more about the three Ds:


The best way to keep intruders away from your house is to deter them. After all, prevention of burglary is better than fighting the consequences. Make your house an undesirable target for the criminals. You can use technologies like alarms and automated lights to scare away the burglars when they try to get into your house. You can also adopt a dog and shelter it in the yard to keep the thieves away. If you have moved into a new home, replace all the locks as soon as possible. Secure all thedoors and windows to make sure that breaking into your house seems difficult to the crooks. Track all the vulnerable points at your home and secure them.


Even after adopting the above-mentioned strategies, if the crook isn’t deterred, you have no other choice than dealing with them. You can use smart security systems to implement this step. Smart security systems alert you when there is any unauthorized movement in the security system range. Houses with security systems are less prone to burglary.


The last way to secure your house from intruders is by defending. This is the only way to save your house from being robbed if both deterration and detection do not work. You need to quickly take action against the intruder. But, you have to be prepared with a defense strategy to act fast. You also need to be aware of the laws regarding self-defense rules enforced by the government. As burglars always break into your house in a group, you will need your family members to defend against the burglars.

The three D’s of home security system provides you peace of mind regarding protecting your house. Execute all the three D’s accurately to keep your family safe.


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