Modern technology has made prominent advancements and nowadays every electronic device, especially, computers, laptops, smartphones including security cameras are made to stay connected to the virtual world round the clock if required.

However, these possibilities have also added to people’s troubles since they have increased the chances of hacking incidences and information getting exposed to the wrong people. This has even permeated to devices like DVR.

Before you learn about how DVR is hacked and fixed, it’s important to know about DVR and its ways of working. A DVR is basically a digital video recorder that is capable of recording videos in a digital platform like a disk drive, SD memory card, USB flash drive and other SSD or local/networked mass storage devices.

How to fix a hacked DVR?

With the growing number of devices that are connected to each other, the chances of all of them getting hacked or affected by virus tend to increase. Moreover, if there’s a smart hacker trying to get to your business details, then any amount of negligence might turn out to have damaging consequences. So, if your devices get hacked, they can be fixed too and to start with it:

  1. Change the default passwords as soon as possible and use a unique or unusual password for your DVR and CCTV networks. You might as well want to continue to change passwords frequently so that the hackers are unable to unlock your password within a short period of time.
  2. Updating your staff consistently about the cybercrime practices and the best ways to combat them is using the right ways to fix your hacked device and prevent its further occurrences. Avoiding phishing emails and other emails asking for personal details are some of the ways to prevent hacking.
  3. Try to keep security cameras and DVR devices, each in single network perimeters so that they don’t get hacked eventually as placing all security cameras and DVRs under one common network leaves the devices open to being hacked. In this way, the hackers can hack into one device and take control of all other devices through that network itself. On the other hand, the localized network is tough to control as long as the hacker is not within the physical range of the devices.

In this way, the right knowledge about security surveillance system and cybercrime practices can help you stay safe.


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