Your laptop is not immortal, and like any equipment, it needs a minimum of maintenance. Take care of your machine by following these tips.

  • The Ventilation System

A laptop’s cooling system is not quite the same as that of a fixed PC, more fragile, less convincing; it needs to be spared. Avoid, for example, non-flat surfaces (bed, knee) that can obstruct the air outlet. Flee the sun, even the closed screen. 

For sustained use, preferably choose a flat, ventilated, raised surface. The Dell PowerEdge R740 is fragile and should be treated with care.

  • Transportation

Again, laptops are more fragile than desktop PCs. If they are lighter, they are still vulnerable; the parts are not easily replaceable. Adopting a lightweight bag is probably not the best idea. Opt for a stronger metal case that will draw less attention to its contents. Do not move your phone when it is in use, your hard drive only moderately appreciates shock, just like the screen and its liquid crystal.

  • Use Your Phone Differently

Your laptop is not a fixed PC! If you want to work long, invest in a cooling plate that will act as a fan, in an external keyboard and mouse that will avoid traces and overheating. Take care of your battery, which wears out with time. Also, keep it away from microwaves and energy-saving light bulbs.

  • Cleaning

If you spill a soft drink, turn off your machine immediately. Remove the battery, place a towel, or what you have on the keyboard, turn your computer over and let it dry. 

To eliminate dust, use dry air bombs to clean the particularly inaccessible areas of your notebook. For the screen, you are spoiled for choice in cleaning products, prefer soft cloths or wipes and avoid products based on alcohol or ammonia.

  • The Hinges: The Achilles Heel

The weak point of the Dell Network X Series, they deserve all your attention. First tip: avoid opening and closing it all the time. Do not carry it by the screen. Use both hands to open and close. Do not leave it open when you’re not using it anymore.


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