Hosting Raja- A Reliable One-stop Destination for Cost-effective Hosting Solutions

It is often hard for the small and new businesses to manage their hosting expenses as they have a lot to do at that time and the money runs out of hands quickly. In order to keep their website running effectively without making a big hole in their pocket just for hosting expenses, they need to choose a reliable hosting provider that would care for their business as it is his own. 

If you too are struggling to find a reliable web hosting provider or just want to know about the one for your future needs, you need to know about Hosting Raja- one of the famous and trusted hosting companies in India. 

In addition to providing affordably-priced premium hosting plans for web hosting, Hosting Raja also offers unlimited plans so that their clients can keep their websites running effectively with 99.9% uptime. These unlimited plans let the website owners and users host an unlimited number of files as required. The various formats users can install and host are CSS, JS, jpeg, png, and more. No matter whether you need VPS, cloud, dedicated or WordPress hosting, you can choose the unlimited plan to meet your website’s requirements. 

Hosting solutions provided by Hosting Raja

Dedicated hosting

Hosting Raja provides dedicated server hosting solutions for both Windows and Linux Operating System. In addition to providing fully-managed, performance-tuned secure servers, the hosting provider also offers a control panel with enhanced security features. 

VPS hosting

Hosting Raja provides one of the best performing VPS servers by leveraging the power of advanced technologies. The company has years of experience and use the best virtualization platforms including KVM and VMWare for Linux. 

Cloud Hosting

Whether you are worried about the complete access to the allocated server or uninterrupted access to the resources in a cloud hosting plan, you can have it by buying cloud hosting services from Hosting Raja. When you seek cloud hosting services from Hosting Raja, not only you receive prompt support but also get SSD based storage and cloud instances created using advanced technology. As the company claims to use advanced hardware for the servers, you can ensure to get seamless access. 

WordPress hosting

Hosting Raja not only provides WordPress hosting services but also provides its clients with a theme free of cost that otherwise is worth Rs. 600. At present, the company offers 40% off on all the WordPress hosting plans which are categorized as big WordPress sites, High-traffic portals and unlimited WordPress data. If you are concerned about the features being provided, the extra features you get by buying your hosting plan from Hosting Raja are Genesis Framework, Transferable Sites, page Performance, Global CDN, AMP and content performance. 

No matter what type of hosting plan you are choosing for your website, you can always choose between the unmanaged and fully-managed plans as per your own convenience while buying hosting services from Hosting Raja. Moreover, you will get some extra features which include an optimized control panel, free migration, free website optimization and cache optimization.

So, what are you waiting for? In case you have any query regarding hosting services or plans, you can reach out to the experts of Hosting Raja any time.