“A room without books is a body without a soul.” The quote has been heard by most of us, or sometimes we read it somewhere and just scrolled down and did not take a minute to ponder upon it. This is not just a quote but a fact.

Books make a man successful academically, but t does not end there. They come with teachings and values which help you in every sphere of life be it a religious book such as Ramayana or an autobiography by a leader you always come back to them in adverse situations of life. Unlike people and relationships, these hold your hand in the mountains and valleys.

Whenever you feel things are not in your favor, you can always catch up with your favorite book and divert your mind from the odd things. Books are where you can confide your feelings and without worrying about them spilling the beans. A book is not only about a story but the writer’s interpretation on a particular incident or topic and the execution of it.

Have you enjoyed a book reading digitally in the same way you did holding the book? I am sure the answer is NO because cause a true book lover can only understand the feel of it. The youth today is moving towards eBooks from printed ones, and as a result, books printing services [พิมพ์หนังสือ, which are the term in Thai] and companies are suffering from huge loss.

Given below are some of the disadvantages if reading an eBook:

  • Requires an electronic device:

Most of the people today own a mobile phone or a tablet, but some of them don’t own any, and they cannot read any eBooks.

  • Cost:

EBooks definitely cost much higher than printed books, which is the biggest disadvantage.

  • Screen:

While reading an eBook, you have to focus on a screen for long hours, which can damage your eyes.

  • Compatibility:

Some eBooks are made to run on a particular operating system, so when you change your device, you have no longer access to that eBook.

No matter how advance we become, eBooks cannot replace the traditional books.


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