Web browser for making online payments

One of the most vulnerable aspects of any Internet activity is the execution of online payments. Antivirus software developers are constantly working on creating tools to minimize such threats. Bitdefender Safepay was created specifically to solve these problems and is a special browser, the main operation of which will be a secure transfer of funds. How is this security ensured? Bitdefender Safepay is an application that runs in an isolated environment, in the so-called “sandbox”. That is, all the data contained in the program, most often passwords, logins, phone numbers and accounts, are located in a place to which the operating system does not have access, and therefore, even if your OS is attacked, the information from Bitdefender Safepay will not get into hands to intruders.

What else can you use this program, besides the safe conduct of financial transactions? Bitdefender Safepay comes in handy for checking email, transferring important files, playing Genesyx browser games or visiting a potentially dangerous site at once. But for everyday Internet surfing, it is better to use other browsers, since Bitdefender Safepay does not have most of the functions of modern web browsers, since it was designed to solve completely different tasks, primarily related to performing actions on the Internet that require a high degree of protection. For better performance and protection of your data, it is better to use proxy servers. But do not trust free proxy servers, because they can easily “leak” information to third parties and a variety of fraudsters. It is enough to buy a proxy for little money on the https://proxy-seller.com/ website and be sure that your data is completely secure. In addition, a proxy server allows you to “be” anywhere in the world. It is known that in some countries a product is shown at one price, and in richer countries at a completely different price. A proxy server will allow you to bypass this trick and save a lot of money on buying goods.

Since Bitdefender Safepay is a special browser, its installation is somewhat different. On the official website you need to download a file, with which, after launching it, the online installation will begin, before the completion of which your computer must be connected to the Internet. Be prepared for the fact that the process can take a long time, since the installation involves a complete scan of your PC. If no malicious objects are found, a shortcut to launch Bitdefender Safepay will appear on your desktop. When you first start, you will either need to create a new account to log into the program, or you can use your Facebook, Google or Microsoft account details. On subsequent logins, the program will ask you for this data only if you check the appropriate option in the settings. However, the program does not start instantly, because each time Bitdefender Safepay checks the most vulnerable spots in the system, and only after the scan is completed, it switches to Safe Mode. To return to normal mode, the user just needs to click the “Switch to desktop” button, and to return to the safe mode, select “Switch to secure desktop”. To protect against keyloggers, the program provides a virtual keyboard. It should be noted that Bitdefender Safepay is not overloaded with various tools and the browser interface is very simple: arrows to move between pages, an update button, a line for entering an address and an option to call settings. The settings are also few, you can cancel the system check before each launch or update, which is generally not recommended, enable proxy mode and set protection when using Wi-Fi. For security reasons, it is better to leave the default settings.