Tips to start SEO Learning

Those who do not know anything about SEO and are going to have an online presence should know the basics of SEO. There are many companies in SEO HKthat can also be hired for the same. However, if you want an understanding of the basics, go ahead and read further.

Write large posts

You should know that content is very important in SEO ranking in comparison to other factor such as RankBrain and backlinks. It is the content in the form of videos or blog posts that attracts customers and users in the first time. In a long content, there are more keywords and more information that is powerful and beneficial for the user. The content quality is more important because every user wants interesting and unique content.

Fresh content

Before writing a long post, you need to know that Google want fresh content. The fresh content not only shows that the content is relevant but also shows you are active. You may know that it is difficult to continuously produce high-quality new content. That is why you can use your existing content instead of using new best high-quality posts.

Use keywords

It is essential to use the correct keywords. It is important that your used keywords should explain the content. You also think about the things your potential customers and users are looking. You should keep in mind that your keyword is relevant according to the topic of your content so that the results of search engine will index your website right. You need to focus on the keywords that users are searching for. There are many keyword tools available with the help of which you can find out what your customers and users are searching.


This is the most important part of basic SEO. A backlink is created by linking your website to another website. However, backlink is a major deciding factor because it helps to increase the rank of your website.           

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