Some specializations in the IT area are well focused on other market niches, which are part of information technology. What happens is that many people who are interested in the field don’t even get to know about these different opportunities. And as they are exciting branches of the market, it may be that one of them is of interest to you:

  • data scientist: basically, it is training to work with much more complex problems involving massive data and information;
  • business intelligence: this field is more linked to the creation and development of strategies, as well as decision making regarding problems in a company’s information;
  • software engineer: it’s like comparing a construction engineer but inserting it within the technological field. Specifically, this professional will master the entire structure and construction of systems and software;
  • mobile app development: focus only on creating, planning, and developing mobile apps to meet the demands of this market;
  • game developer: as the game market is vast, there is specific training to work with platforms and languages ​​for creating games, whether for consoles, computers, or mobile.

Information Security

The IT professional who chooses to work with information security will be responsible for keeping all of a company’s data safe. This includes developing barriers that prevent anyone from gaining access to an institution’s equipment, operating systems, and servers. In addition, constant monitoring against hackers is also a task for this professional, who must be prepared for attempts to invade the system.

That’s why information security is essential for any company that values ​​the integrity of its data. So, even for a beginner in the market, these positions usually offer a higher salary than the average in other segments.

If you are interested in the activities of this field, know that the requirements to get started are, in addition to higher education: understanding about monitoring tools, network configuration, TCP and IP, internetwork, and others. Search for HPE MSA2042 Dual Controller


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