It is a fact and you are aware about it that if you have a business website then it needs well secured software to protect your website from cyber attacks. Tightening the security for your website is just the first step, you got to put a hard wall not only around your website but also to your company’s hardware. MLtek website provides wide range of software solutions that are aimed at making efforts on various IT framework challenges.

Software solutions needed for your business website

  • Computer antivirus – you may not consider initially that your computers and mobile devices related to business can result in cyber attacks on your website. But they can cause harm to your computers if you allow them to access your website’s backend. That is the reason you need antivirus software that cleans all devices which are used to access your company networks.
  • E-commerce software – if you are running your e-commerce business, then you don’t just have to use content management system to run and develop your store. You need special software that works for you. You have to make sure that they are PCI compliance and offer protection platform by which your costumers can shop.
  • Saas security – software as a service and software based on cloud application also need security. You can merge some things into website for the applications that provides relationship management between customers. A marketing platform or a leading generation tool that requires encrypting and protecting from any protection gap on your website. There are many companies that offer cloud data security software to keep your all documents and programs safe.
  • Monitoring tool – most of the security services of monitoring are costly and are not accessible always. There are many companies that created self- managed monitoring tool which are easy to use and not more expensive. As all the software are important for the security of your website from hackers and monitoring, they can get you free from the worries as you will get to know who accessed or got passed through your security system.


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