While our digital marketing software is next to none in terms of its quality and features, we offer another valuable add-on: free digital marketing software, what we call “freemium services,” that will improve lead generation for your clients.

In addition to pumping more marketing power into you clients’ websites as well as intelligent functionalities and SEO prowess, we also provide free services to raise your clients’ visibility and cut down on what it costs to get a lead. This is true if you want to create websites for your clients from scratch, or if you want to provide excellent marketing services in addition to what your client already has on their website.

First, our free social marketing calendar and publishing tool allows your clients to easily publish content according to a calendar, and to schedule their posts in the future. They can also publish right away on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media outlets. This provides them with the flexibility and efficiency that they crave.

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Additionally, your clients get real-time data from web traffic and reports through your marketing platform, and you can empower them to gather metrics across all websites. Additionally, you can quickly make your dashboard your own so that you can also see e-commerce and social data.

Your will also be able to view detailed search engine ranking reports while collecting all of the data at the agency level. You can specify key performance indicators and alerts when they are reached so you can see and depend on the real-time results and patterns of your SEO work across your clients’ digital presences.

You can also connect to Google Webmaster Tools to automatically verify their websites and upload XML sitemaps to Google. This helps increase crawling results. They can also see how their search rankings are doing, which can provide them with data they need to improve their digital portfolio in new ways.

If you are a private-label partner, you can provide free, self-installed websites, online stores and customer relationship management options to your clients through a coupon or free trial option. The CRM system allows clients to automate email campaigns up to a certain limit and pre-created landing pages they can use for their advertising campaigns or to collect potential leads.

Free digital marketing software is what you need to provide just that extra bit of support and flexibility to your clients to help their businesses grow.


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