Back Linking With the best Deals for You

Having quality backlinks is the # 1 criterion to see your SEO improve. But how can I get one? Here are the detailed explanations for putting in place an effective approach. Easily you can buy links easily.

What is a backlink?

Before taking into account the technical elements, it is necessary to understand the context imposed by Google. The goal of the search engine is to provide information to the world, organizing it so that it is easily accessible and above all useful. Internet users must be able to access content that corresponds to them and that will meet their initial request.

For a website, this translates into clear content on a desired theme, effective navigation that allows you to find information quickly, and regular updating of content for consistent relevance.

In this context, sites cite each other to provide Internet users with broader content and to help them complete their searches. That’s where backlinks come in. These are links inserted into a text and pointing to another site. The site that receives the traffic coming from these links benefits in addition to the traffic, a better SEO.

Google considers backlinks as essential in its rating because they represent a recommendation, and therefore a guarantee of quality of content. As proof, a study showed that 99.2% of sites in the top 50 Google have backlinks.

Be careful though: do not fall into the trap of wanting too much backlinks thinking it will help SEO. On the contrary, if the goal is to have backlinks in quantity, this is often at the expense of quality and this is where Google sanctions. A site can even be deindexed if Google believes that the techniques used to have backlinks are contrary to its rules and objectives.

Namely: having links that point to a site is not enough. Google does not only take into account the presence or the number of backlinks, but also and especially their quality. The work to do to find backlinks must therefore be done with this goal in mind.

How to define a “good” backlink?

The quality of a backlink is determined by various specific elements that it is important to follow scrupulously.

Here are the main criteria to follow:

Authority or popularity of the referring page, but also of the site on which this page is.

The more the reference site is considered a trusted site by Google, the more the backlink will be considered quality. Trust can be measured in different ways.

By calculating the authority of the domain:

The closer it is to 100, the more likely it is to position itself on the first page of the results.