As you know that torrent site is sometimes blocked and you are not able to access the sites and ultimately you cannot download the various materials you want you can look for the various proxy sites and mirrors on this webpage and can make use of them, to access the sites.  You can take the help from the other sites for any of the query regarding the access into the torrent sites.

1337x proxy or the various unblocked sites of the mirror list

Torrents sites have been very popular among the people. This site is much popular because it enables you to download the various movies software and the other applications. It lets you dowmnload these free of cost. It does not charge even a bit from you. There are many applications like the bitTorrent or the various other torrent websites. These websites enable you to have the content downloaded into your system.

In the late 20’s many companies started imposing the copyright claims over the company. They revealed that the torrent is making people available the data that values in dollars for free of cost to the people. Due to this many companies claimed on the company legally that the torrent is breaching the contract terms.

As the results of the encroachment by the various companies, the governments of various countries started taking steps to block the content and access of the users to the torrent sites. But the torrent is able to provide the service to the people with the help of the many of the proxy sites which can help the customer to access to the websites and can download their data free of cost.

Insight into the 1337x

1337x launched in the year 2007. It provides you a platforms to share the various materials from peer to peer.  You will not be able to search for the 1337x on some of the search engines like the Google as the torrent sites are being banned. Initially it came up with the domain name like the .pl but later its has been changed to make the torrent sites to reach much larger number of the people. The domain name has become .to in 2015. There are many proxy sites and mirrors on this webpage  which you can use to access this torrent site.

Better understanding of the proxy:

Proxy is a kind of veil for the actual web address of the torrent site. This is the reason that they cannot be easily traced out. The basic principle behind this is that the real identity of the server remains unknown in the whole process.

However, there are many proxy sires over the internet that you must carefully decide on whoever you have to rely down.

What is the VPN?

The VPN is the virtual private network that lets you unblock the torrent site. There are two ways of accessing the torrent websites. One way is to use the 1337x proxy site and another one is to use the VPN to unblock the user access to the various torrent sites.


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