What Is 5G Technology And How Must Businesses Prepare For It?

Even though  wireless network services   is still “in the works” for today’s consumers, with the industry fighting over all the details of the technology, there is a good chance that it is coming sooner than most people think. It is pretty clear why wireless carriers are excited and eager to make a move to 5G. With the core phone business steadily slowing down, modern companies want the new tech to help create a sense of excitement and to help connect more devices.  

As 5G network deployment gets closer, people want to know more about it. One of the main things they want to know is what this new technology can do. Keep reading to learn about some of the possibilities with 5G technology here.

Remote Surgery

Along with speed, another main benefit offered by 5G is its low latency. This refers to the minimal lag time that occurs between when the device pings a network and when a response is received. While it isn’t that noticeable, there is still a lag with 4G LTE connectivity. According to experts, when the 5G network is deployed, it will virtually eliminate this lag. What this means is that surgeons may be able to conduct operations without having to be in the same room as their patients.

A More Personal Internet Experience 

Remote surgery is just a single example of what 5G technology may make possible. With capabilities including haptic feedback, it may also be possible to transmit the tactile sensation of experiences, which enhances the sounds and the sighs of a video.

For example, Ericsson has put people in the driver’s seat of a vehicle that is located at a specified distance from the Fira being driven. Thanks to the feedback system that has been built into the actual chair, it is possible to feel as the vehicle moves over speed bumps and crash into cones. Low latency is a must for this type of touchy, feely experience. This is also going to have impressive applications in the industrial arena, which includes having people oversee assembly processes done by robots.

The Self-Driving Car

Even though companies such as Uber and Google are currently working on self-driving vehicles with some level of success, there are some in the industry who aren’t convinced that these driverless vehicles are possible if 5G connectivity is not available. With 5G technology, cars can “talk” to each other and communicate with other sensors that are located strategically around a city or area. This instant communication is a must-have safety feature to ensure the autonomous vehicles can remain safe and to ensure they are a viable option.

When it comes to 5G technology, there is an array of possibilities that are coming in the future. Understanding what is possible will help ensure that everyone understands the impact that this technology has to offer. Being informed is imperative, as it clearly illustrates how this new connectivity is going to change the world and impact people in all industries and sectors across the globe.


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