The regular cleaning of our computer hardware like Dell PowerEdge T440 is of elementary importance because house dust affects the devices badly. The layers of dust settle on the circuit boards, the germs and bacteria are released into the air by the various fans and spread unchecked.

1) Computer Mouse:

One day the darned computer mouse no longer reacts appropriately. The mouse pointer jumps irregularly across the screen, and the targeted screen menus can only be accessed with difficulty. What’s happening? Your mouse has just traveled a few miles and has accumulated dust over time.

Open the mouse cover on the underside by turning the cover ring.

Remove the rubber ball and clean it thoroughly with soapy water.

Remove the dust deposits from the rollers in the mouse with a damp cloth or cotton swab by wiping across the rollers until they are clean all around.

Don’t forget to dry the ball thoroughly before inserting it.

Of course, you can also clean your optical mice; after all, when playing a first-person shooter, for example, there is hardly anything more important than a mouse that glides well.

When cleaning, don’t forget your mouse pad and joystick or gamepad.

The cleaning cloths already mentioned have also proven their worth here.

2) Scanner:

Before you scan photos, you should always clean the surface of your scanner. Use glass cleaner that you spray onto a cloth. The cloth must not fluff. If necessary, glass cleaning cloths can also do it – but they are relatively expensive.

Avoid spraying glass cleaner directly on the scanner glass. The cleaner could get into the interior of the scanner next to the window and damage the mechanics or electronics.

Reason for the cleanliness craze: Even the smallest grains of dust and streaks are noticeable on a scanned image. And the higher the scan resolution, the more errors you will see.

Avoid the disturbances beforehand instead of having to remove them afterward with the image processing.

3) Optical Drives:

This category includes everything that we use internally and externally to read in and out of removable media, i.e., CD-ROM / CDRW, DVD-ROM / DVD-R, floppy disk drives, MO drives, streamers, Zip, JAZ, and much more.

But All Devices Have One Thing In Common:

Drives and magnetic tapes should not only be cleaned with special sets but also protected against premature wear. However, the manufacturers of these drives often see things differently and normally consider cleaning to be superfluous. The sensitive read/write heads can easily be damaged or misaligned even if they are improperly cleaned. In this respect, we advise against the use of appropriate cleaning mechanisms.


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