If you are preparing for digital marketing via mobile marketing technique, you should do the following things:

  • To generate leads from the social media, you should create a Chat Bot Messenger as you know mostly customers are on social media; therefore, try to get engaged with them. More than 90% of Facebook users use a mobile device to access their account.
  • Leveraging Facebook custom audiences’ option in the Facebook would let you target your existing customer’s data, and then you can retarget users in Facebook.
  • Make an app on your mobile for business purpose. It will have a lot of benefit on your business. It will also be helpful to track your audience and their activities. This will help you plan your display ads using some social media platform.

You can also optimize Google display ads for getting good results too.

  • Delete duplicate keywords as the duplicate keywords would be read as same keywords by Google.
  • Google AdWords display ads have more ad types like images. Images have better impacts as they create brand awareness and also, they have chances of conversions.
  • You should check your automatic ad placements closely. You should discourage your ad to be displayed on the websites which have poor performance and also from the websites which don’t have any relevant connection with your subject matter.
  • You should check the time when your AdWords campaign shows poor performance. You should go to the Dimensions section of the AdWords and check it. When you find the times of the day your website isn’t doing well, try not to display them on those particular times.

Digital Marketing in SEO

If you can create high quality contents, others will link you with their articles. Some people will share your content. SEO is going to get harder with the new updates from Google algorithms. In the future, maybe Google will emphasis less on keywords and rather more obsessed with the intent of the user and their experience. The machine will gradually lean the patterns, the machine will also understand the content, and thus the search method will be more correct. So, people creating high-quality contents will be much more preferred, and you should keep away from black-hat SEO. Therefore, the thing you need to do is create more relevant content to target the audiences. It is a proven fact that making relevant content is a much better tactic for creating an SEO strategy.

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