Airbnb is an America based company which operates the digital market for home stays, vacation rentals and activities related to tours and travels. Since it is based in California, this platform can be accessible through mobile app. You can check the other apps similar to Airbnb.

Apps Similar to Airbnb-:


This app is functioned by Accor Hotels. This is a company based in London which helps people to book their vacation stays. This is very similar to Airbnb. There is a team of trusted staff that is ready to help people with their queries at any time.


This company gives its services across the globe. People who are willing to plan their vacation can trust this app.


This company is very famous in Europe. The headquarters of this company is located in Lausanne, in this they serve the travelers from North America and those who are seeking European gateways.You can book your properties on the website for free preferred for your accommodation. 


The app offers bookings of more than 400,000 vacation homes spread all over the globe. It was first launched in 2003. It can be helpful for you if you are looking for a vacation in Europe.


This platform is currently having one million users and more. There are properties more than 300,000 and above that are all spread in over 100 countries.


This was obtained by Airbnb in 2017. This company has a list of luxury vials for travelers who want to avail it. People can book their luxurious vials on this platform.


This is one of the top search engines used for vacation stay rentals. Their services can be utilized to travel more than 1,50,000 destinations. People who are traveling can choose from a range of accommodation given by them.

There are lot more apps like Airbnb, you require to check the services and features they provide.


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